What We Believe

Belong, Believe, and Become at Church Alive


Everyone belongs in the kingdom of God. The Bible says in 2 Peter 3:9 that He wants us all.  Your history and your choices don’t preclude you from the family of God. If you are willing, He is welcoming. You belong!


We believe the Bible. We believe in One immortal and eternal God whose name is Jesus. We believe in salvation from sin through baptism in Jesus Name and the infilling of the Holy Spirit. We believe we are all called to live for God, to serve, & to minister to the hurting world around us. We believe we are the hands and feet of Jesus & you can be too.


We are becoming what God wants us to be. He created the world for us, He died for us and He continues to work on our behalf. His love is transforming our lives into His image and giving us the power to transform our world. There is freedom in Jesus and He holds the answers to every problem. Becoming like Jesus will do more for you than anything else can. You can join us in answering the call of Christ. You can join us in the journey to become like Him.

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